How Do You Select The Right Organization To Completely Clean Your Carpets Or Upholstery?

Despite the fact that I’ve currently covered why you shouldn’t consider hiring a carpet cleaning machine, you might be shocked to discover that some “professional” carpet cleaning companies use budget equipment that you could really hire yourself.

Actually, one of the greatest issues with the carpet cleaning market is that anyone can hire an under-powered machine, post a few leaflets and start cleaning carpets.

And when the business owner has restricted funds, it is usually the case that they haven’t been expertly trained – and a few will even be trading without insurance – which means they provide you no safety against accidental damage or injury.

As you can imagine, this is simply not a risk you’d desire to reveal yourself to.

And then there’s the carpet cleaning companies in Dubai that have actually gone to industry training courses and do hold full insurance.

Definitely they’re all the same aren’t they? And it’s simply the event of booking the cheapest quote?

Certainly not.

Even though many companies may indeed operate equipment that far out-performs basic rental machines, there’s still a big difference in the price (and performance) of professional grade carpet cleaning machines.

Here’s a good example of how 3 local carpet cleaning companies could differ in their approach, service levels and results:

Company A.) Operating in the bottom end of the market, this provider spends hardly any in equipment, training or products, and only survives because of the amount of work such cheap prices secure. It’s understandable that results won’t match those of a more careful carpet cleaner operating a greater standard of equipment. Indeed, the outcomes are often unsatisfactory and the process could potentially cause harm to expensive furnishings (as with homeowners using rental machines, we quite often attend homes with carpets and rugs which have been broken by unskilled budget priced cleaners.)

Company B.)  This company is likely to be working a fairly efficient but dated portable electric machine and may have gone to a training course several years ago when starting the business. However, not working at the high-end of the industry, they operate machinery that will get satisfactory results and charge appropriately. Re-investment in the best training, equipment and chemicals is stifled (as are results) due to high running costs and limited repeat business. Occasionally these businesses might be more of a general cleaning company – instead of carpet and upholstery cleaning specialists – and for that reason their dedication to furthering and improving their knowledge isn’t what it really needs to be.

Company C.) This kind of carpet cleaners charges a higher price than company A.) or B.) but offers a superior service and attains better results. It is because they continuously reinvest in the best training, machinery and chemicals in the market and are consequently exposed to higher running costs. By way of example, while the purchase cost of the carpet cleaning machines of company A.) and B.) is probably in the range of DH 1500 – 4000, company C.) may have put in anything from DH 5,000 – 15,000 in one machine alone. This kind of investment implies that the outcomes gained are the most useful they can possibly be and repeat customers are the norm.

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