Church Lunch

The first Sunday of every month we serve lunch, cooked by our sisterhood.
You are welcome to join us!

Church Sunday Lunch

Перша Неділя кожного місяця
на Вас чекає смачний обід який приготували наші сестриці.
Будь ласка,
приєднуйтеся до нас!


The Ten Commandments

Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
Thou shalt not make unto thee
any graven image.
Thou shalt not take
the name of the Lord thy God in vain.
Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.
Honour thy father and thy mother.
Thou shalt not kill.
Thou shalt not commit adultery.
Thou shalt not steal.
Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
Thou shalt not covet.

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Rules of the Apostles

"Rule book" is a book that's part of the Ecumenical Councils approved rules that are immutable ecclesiological principle of being the Church in the world and the salvation of all its faithful.

Rule 1

Bishop shall deliver two or three bishops. (I Vs. Sob. Rule 4; VII Vs. 3, Antiochus. Sob. 12, 23; Laod. 12; Sardis. 6, Const. 1; Karf. 13, 49, 50).

Rule 2

Presbyter, deacon and other supplies prychetnykiv let one bishop. (Ap. 26 Ave, 70; I Vs. 19th, Truly. 33; VII Vs. 14; Hanhr. 6; Laod. 24, 26, 30, you. Val. 51, 89).

Rule 3

If any bishop or presbyter, contrary to the Lord's decision to sacrifice to bring down the aisle any other way, or honey, or milk instead of wine or beverage made from something else, or bird, or any animal or vegetable, in spite of the decree, in addition to new ears, or grapes in due time, be deprived svyaschennychoho dignity. And let us not be allowed to bring down the aisle anything else, except for oil lamps and incense in the holy oblation. (Ap. 4; Truly. 28, 32, 57, 99; Karf. 57).

Rule 4

The first fruits of other fruits and vegetables may refer home bishop and presbyters, but not to the altar. Of course, if the bishop and the presbyters will share them with the deacons and other prychetnykamy. (Ap. 3, 38, 41; Hanhr. 7, 8, Karf. 37; Feof. Ol st 8).

Rule 5

Bishop, presbyter, or deacon shall not cast them out of his wife under the guise of piety. If the heir, let him be excommunicated from the communion of the church, and clicking remain steadfast in this, let him be deprived svyaschennychoho dignity. (Trul. 12, 13, 48; I Vs. 3; Hanhr. 1, 4, 9, 10, Karf. 4).

Rule 6

Bishop, presbyter, or deacon shall assume no worldly worries. Otherwise, let him be deposed. (Ap. 20, 81, 83; IV Vs. 3, 7; VII Vs. 10; Karf. 16th, Dvokr. 11).

Rule 7

If someone - bishop, priest or deacon is holy day of Easter before the vernal equinox with the Jews will celebrate, be deposed. (Ap. 64, 70, 71; Truly.; 11 Antiochus. 1; Laod. 37, 38; Karf. 51, 73, 106).

Rule 8

If any bishop or presbyter, or deacon, or any of the clergy who, while not prychastytsya Offering accomplishment, let explain why, and if it is respectful, be forgiven. If you do not explain, let him be excommunicated from the communion of the church as the one whose fault has caused harm to people, and to the one who gave zvershuvav Offering suspect allegedly improperly zvershuvav. (Ankyr. 1, 2, Pet. Ho.10-Ol).

Rule 9

All the faithful to church members, and hear the Scriptures, but prayer and Holy Communion are not fully as those that lead to atrocities church belongs to wean from ecclesiastical communion. (Trul. 66, 80, Antiochus. 2; Sardis. 11).

Rule 10

If a communication accursed from church to pray, even if it was in the house: so let him be accursed. (Ap. 11, 12, 32, 45, 48, 65; I Vs. 5, Antiochus. 2; Karf. 9).

Rule 11

If anyone, and to belong to the clergy, deprived of the priesthood is to pray, let him be defrocked himself. (Ap. 28, Antiochus. 4; Karf. 10).

Rule 12

If any clergyman or layman excommunicated from the communion of the church, or was not worthy of admission to the clergy, and moved to another city without representation letters, will be adopted, shall be excluded, and those who receive it, and the one adopted. (Ap. 13, 32, 33, IV Vs. 11, 13, Truly. 17th, Antiochus. 6, 7, 8, 11, Laod. 41, 42, Sardis. 9; Karf. 23, 106).

Rule 13

If someone is excommunicated, let him continue weaning as that lied and deceived the church of God. (Ap. 12, 33; Truly. 17).

Rule 14

Not allowed to leave the bishop and his diocese to another switch, however, many urged him, except that when any good reason that prompts him to do it, because it the word of piety there the faithful could be more useful. But this should not be a of discretion, and the judgment of many bishops and as a result of firm conviction. (Ap. 33, and BC 15.;, III Vs. 5, Truly. 20th, Antiochus. 13, 16, 18, ​​21, Sardis. 1, 2, 17; Karf. 48).

Rule 15

If anyone - presbyter, or deacon, or even someone assigned to the clergy, he left his place of service, switch to another, or even move (in another area), and there will be live without a bishop: this command will no longer serve, especially when his bishop that he calls back, no answer. If you continue to remain in this disobedience, then he is in communication (with the church) as a layman. (I Vs. 15, 16, IV Vs. 5, 10, 20, 23; Truly. 17th, 18th, Antiochus. 3, Sardis. 15, 16; Karf. 54, 90).

Rule 16

The bishop also, who so happens to be, if they flout ban celebrating the Divine Liturgy, accept them as members of the clergy, let him be accursed as a teacher excesses. (Ap. 15; I Vs. 15th, Truly. 17th, Antiochus. 3).

Rule 17

Who after holy Baptism was twice married, and had a concubine, he can not be any bishop or presbyter, or deacon, and generally belong to the priestly rank. (Ap. 18, Truly. 3, you. Val. 12).

Rule 18

He married for widows or divorced from a woman or with a strange woman, or by a slave, is confounded by a woman (actress) can not be a bishop or presbyter, or deacon, and generally belong to svyaschennychoho rank. (Ap. 17, Truly. 3, 26; You. Val. 27).

Rule 19

He has been married for two sisters or niece, can not belong to the clergy. (Trul. 26, 54, Neokes. 2, you. Val. 23, 78, 87, Theophilus Ol th. 5).

Rule 20

Who are the clergy will be surety for someone, be defrocked. (Ap. 6, 81; IV Vs. 3, 30, Sardis. 7; Karf. 75).

Rule 21

Eunuch if this was due to human violence or persecution deprived male members, or from birth so if worthy to be a bishop, let it be. (Ap. 22, 23, 24; I Vs. 1; Dvokr. 8).

Rule 22

Anyone who himself oskopyv shall not be passed to the clergy, because suicide is the enemy and God's creation. (Ap. 21, 23, 24; I Vs. 1; Dvokr. 8).

Rule 23

If a clergy oskopyt himself, let him be defrocked for the killer is himself. (Ap. 21, 22, 24; I Vs. 1; Dvokr. 8).

Rule 24

Layman that oskopyv himself, even three years will be driven from the sacraments because he despised his life. (Ap. 21, 22, 23; I Vs. 1; Dvokr. 8).

Rule 25

Bishop or presbyter, or deacon, in bludodiyanni or violating oath or theft accused, shall be deprived svyaschennychoho dignity, but to communicate the church shall not be excommunicated. For the scripture says: "Trouble not happen again" (Naum. 1, 9). So these things with other prychetnykamy. (Ap. 29, 30; I Vs. 9, Truly. 4, 21; Neokes. 1, 8, Karf. 27, you. Val. 3, 32, 51, 70, 82).

Rule 26

We order out to those who joined the clergy celibatarian and wanted to marry could do so only readers and singers. (Ап. 5, 51; IV Вс. 14; Трул. 3, 6, 13, 30; Анкир. 10; Неокес. 1; Карф. 16; Вас. Вел. 69).

Rule 27

If a bishop, presbyter, or deacon shall strike any of the faithful who have sinned, or of the unbelievers who have done wrong, with the intention of frightening them, we command that he be deposed. For our Lord has by no means taught us to do so, but, on the contrary, when he was smitten he smote not again, when he was reviled he reviled not again, when he suffered he threatened not. " (1 Pet. 2, 23). (Dvokr. 9).

Rule 28

If any bishop, presbyter, or deacon, having been justly deposed upon open accusations, shall dare to meddle with any of the divine offices which had been intrusted to him, let him be altogether cut off from the Church. (I Vs. 5; II Vs. 6; IV Vs. 29; Sardis. 14, Antiochus. 4, 12, 15, Karf. 29, 65; You. Val. 88).

Rule 29

If any bishop, presbyter, or deacon, shall obtain possession of that dignity by money, let both him and the person who ordained him be deposed, and also altogether cut off from all communion, as Simon Magus was by me, Peter. (IV Vs. 2; Truly., 22, 23; VΙΙ Vs. 4, 5, 15, 19, Sardis. 2, you. Val. 90th, Gennady after.; Tarasius after.).

Rule 30

If any bishop obtain possession of a church by the aid of the temporal powers, let him be deposed and excommunicated, and all who communicate with him. (I Vs. 4; VII Vs. 3; Laod. 13).

Rule 31

If any presbyter, despising his own bishop, shall collect a separate congregation, and erect another altar, not having any grounds for condemning the bishop with regard to religion or justice, let him be deposed for his ambition; for he is a tyrant; in like manner also the rest of the clergy, and as many as join him; and let laymen be excommunicated. Let this, however, be done after a first, second, and third admonition from the bishop. (II Vs. 6; III Vs. 3; IV Vs. 18th, Truly. 31, 34; Hanhr. 6, Sardis. 14, Antiochus. 5; Karf. 10, 11, Dvokr. 13, 14, 15).

(To be continued)



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10:00am - Divine Liturgy

Sunday Lunch

7:00pm   - Bible Study


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