Church Lunch

The first Sunday of every month we serve lunch, cooked by our sisterhood.
You are welcome to join us!

Church Sunday Lunch

Перша Неділя кожного місяця
на Вас чекає смачний обід який приготували наші сестриці.
Будь ласка,
приєднуйтеся до нас!


The Ten Commandments

Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
Thou shalt not make unto thee
any graven image.
Thou shalt not take
the name of the Lord thy God in vain.
Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.
Honour thy father and thy mother.
Thou shalt not kill.
Thou shalt not commit adultery.
Thou shalt not steal.
Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
Thou shalt not covet.



12-го Липня Церква святкує пам'ять святих Первоверховних Aпостолів Петра і Павла

9:00 ран. Літургія
З усіх апостолів Св. Церква прославляє особливо Петра і Павла, називаючи їх славними, всехвальними, первоверховними і Першопрестольними. Один з чотирьох постів в році теж називається ім'ям одного з цих апостолів і закінчується в день їх пам'яті.

Така висока честь віддається їм за їх великі труди і подвиги в справі євангельської проповіді. Навіть такий отець Церкви як Св. Іоанн Златоуст не може віддати комусь з них перевагу, неодноразово називаючи їх стовпами Церкви. Ціла книга Діянь апостольських переважно оповідає про благовісницьких працях апостолів Петра і Павла.

Знаменним є те, що Петро і Павло походили з протилежних земних родів: апостол Петро був бідним і неосвіченим, а апостол Павло був з багатої сім'ї і мав першокласну освіту того часу. Благодать Божа, осяяла обох апостолів, просіяла однаково з обох, що наводить на думку, що наше земне походження є ніщо перед лицем вічності. Мимоволі пригадуються слова Господа Ісуса Христа, що «Бог може з цього каміння піднести дітей Авраамові» (Лк. 3, 8).

Скільки віри, любові до Бога і ближніх, і відданості волі Божій жило в душах святих апостолів Петра і Павла! Вони пронесли слово святого благовістя в усі кінці тодішнього світу, хрестячи всі народи, терплячи спеку і холод, спрагу й голод, гоніння і страждання, щоб тільки послужити великій справі порятунку роду людського! Вся тодішня вселенна оголосилась їхнім благовістям. Справді виповнилося пророче слово св. царя Давида: «По всій землі Вийшло віствування їх і в кінці вселенної слова їхні» (Пс. 18, 5).


On July 12th the Church commemorates the holy Apostles Peter and Paul

9:00 a.m. Liturgy

Of all the apostles the Church especially lauds Saints Peter and Paul, calling them glorious and all-praised leaders of the apostles.  One of the four yearly fasts is also called by the name of one of these apostles and ends on their feast day.
Such great honor is proffered them for their great spiritual labors in the field of preaching the Gospel.  Even such a prominent Church Father as St. John Chrysostome hesitates in giving preference to one or the other of them, frequently calling them pillars of the Church.  The entire book of the Acts of the Apostles chiefly describes the work of the Apostles Peter and Paul in spreading the Gospel.  It is interesting to note that Peter and Paul came from totally opposite wakes of life: Apostle Peter was poor and uneducated, while Apostle Paul came from a wealthy family and had a first-rate education for those times.  The grace of God that illuminated both apostles shone forth equally from both of them, which leads one to think that our earthly provenance has no significance in the face of eternity.  The words of our Lord Jesus Christ come to mind, that “God is able out of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham” (Luke 3:8).

How much faith, love for God and their fellow-men, and loyalty to God’s will lived in the souls of the holy Apostles Peter and Paul!  They spread the glad tidings into all the corners of the world, baptizing all peoples, suffering heat and cold, thirst and hunger, persecution and torture, – just to serve the great effort of the salvation of mankind!  The entire universe of those days was filled with their preaching.  Truly the prophetic words of King David came to pass:  “Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world” (Psalms 19:4).



Піст свв. Петра і Павла починається в Понеділок, 12-го Червня (на наступний день після Неділі Всіх Святих) і триває до святкування свята Святих Апостолів 12-го Липня.

The Fast of Ss. Peter & Paul begins on Monday, June 12th (the day after All Saints Sunday) and extends until the celebration of the feast of the Holy Apostles on July 12th.


ОFFERINGS FOR THE DECEASED It is a pious and praiseworthy custom to pray for our deceased loved ones, and to make offerings to God in their names, for the remission of their sins and their repose in eternal life.

According to the traditions established and accepted in our Parish, on Great Lent Sundays, we prepare Remembrance Luncheons.

Remembrance is dedicated to who have physically departed from us but are forever embedded in our hearts and souls. As is the previous years, the Sisterhood is asking you to volunteer and preparer a luncheon in memory of your departed. We pray for the souls of those who passed away. Planning ahead, please select for yourselves a Sunday, which is most convenient for you, for arranging prayers in memory of your dearly departed.

ПОЖЕРТВИ ЗА ПОМЕРЛИХ. Це благочесний та гідний похвали

звичай молитися за наших спочилих та жертвувати у їх пам'ять Богу, за відпущення гріхів та їх спокій у вічному житті.

Пригадка: По традиції, яка склалась у нашій парафії, у Неділі Великого Посту приготовляються Поминальні Обіди. Поминання встановлене у пам`ять спочилих , яких вже немає між нами, а у пам`яті вони є назавжди. Сестриці Парафії просять, як i попередніх часів, щоб родини зголошувались для приготування обідів. Ми молимось за спочилих. Вічний їм спочинок. Заздалегідь, призначте для себе Неділю, яка є для Вас більш зручніша для молитви за спочилих своїх рідних.


Building Fund.

The buildings in our parish, which have been standing for many years, are in need of constant upkeep.  Such essential projects as repairs, remodeling, refurbishing, and interior and exterior painting require large expenditures.    In addition to these larger projects, we bear the burden of many additional expensive repair and maintenance projects.

We appeal to all our parishioners and friends for help in meeting these obligations.  Donations to our church are needed and are for a blessed cause.

Our church of Saint Andrew the Apostle, standing on a beautiful site in Los Angeles, with picturesque views of Downtown, the Hollywood Hills, and even the ocean, is an architectural landmark.  We need to preserve it for all posterity.

Dear brothers and sisters, please search your hearts and respond positively to our appeal.  Our all generous Almighty Lord will Himself repay you a hundred fold for your care of His house!

Your generous financial support of our church is tax deductible, and lists of donors will be announced in church, and will be published in our monthly bulletin and in our church website.

Будівельний Фонд.

Із огляду на те, що будівлі нашої парафії, які споруджені були багато років тому, потребують постійного догляду за ними. До цього відноситься : ремонт, поправки, обновлення з малярними роботами, ззовні і всередині і  все це разом  складає поважні кошти.

Ми просимо всіх вас, наших парафіян і друзів за вашою поміччю. Пожертви для церкви, це пожертви для доброго і потрібного.

Наша Церква Святого Апостола Андрія збудована на чудовому місці района Лос Анжелеса. Вона навіть, можна так сказати, являється як архітектурою Лос Анделеса, бо від неї  навкруги, видніються простори, центра міста, галівудські гори і навіть вид океану.                                                                                               Дуже просимо помогти нам, дорогі братя і сестри, а Сам Всещедрий Господь віддасть вам сторицею за турботу про Його дім! Прозьба посилати пожертви на адрес церкви,  тільки замітку напишіть на чекови: “Renovation Fund”. Нехай оберігає  вас Господь!                                                                                            Ваша фінансова підтримка пожертвою, буде оголошуватись в Церкві, буде поміщена на сторінці Місячного Бюлетня і на  на Веб сторінці нашої Церкви. Ви також одержите посвідку для відтягнення вказаної суми грошей від ваших Річних Федеральних Податків.


Bible lessons led by Father Vasyl every Wednesday at 7:00 pm. in the Parish Hall. We welcome each of you.


HOW MAY BE, responsibility to our Church, expressed, by those who are permanently present in attendance, as visitors or parishioners?  With their voluntary services for their Church and Neighbors.

Holy Communion:

All those who approach the Holy Chaliсe to receive the Holy Blessing, place your hands on Your individual chests, in the form of the cross, listen attentively to the Holy Prayer, and while holding Your hands crosswise, approach to receive the Holy Eucharist.

I would like to note: that near the Holy Chalice, do not make the customary sign of the cross, until after having taken the Holy Wine and the Holy Host.

Teachings of the Elders Man can not be wrong. Where you will not agree with me, where will notice an error, inaccuracy, my personal weakness, I ask, cover it with love. And if you pray, remember me in your prayers. Save you, Lord.

Giving thanks unto God

One who obeys God’s will honors and glorifies God, while one who transgresses God’s law dishonors Him. (St. Basil the Great)

Let us not consider praise an unimportant matter; rather let our life raise up praise before our lips do, and let our behavior do so before our tongues do. Then even in silence, we may praise God, and sing His praises in life itself.

Glory to God is raised up as well when we live together in harmony, when with one soul we bless God, when we tolerate one who is weaker than we, and when we do not scorn our brother who has fallen away. (St. John Chrysostom)



You can leave a lasting legacy to benefit future generations.

Please remember Saint Andrew Parish when creating your will. Your good works will continue after you have gone home. Please contact the Parish Office for information.

If you have announcements to be placed in the bulletin please make sure they are delivered to Parish Priest.

PLEASE NOTE:  St. Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Congregation Membership Assessments for 2013 are now due. Your support of St. Andrew is needed and acknowledged.  We hope you understand the needs of your church to help it flourish and survive.

May God in His mercy will be with you. Thank you for your donations.




Church Invitation


Маєте можливість одержувати благословення і поміч у всіх ваших потребах від Святої Блаженної МАТРОНИ.

Saint Matrona

Ікона знаходиться у нашому храмі, Святого Апостола Андрія.

Ця ікона прислана для нас із європейської частини світу.

Вона прикладена була до мощів святої перед тим, як відсилали її до нас.

Мене спонукала придбати Святу Матрону, прозьба багато наших прибулих із краю нашого, які просили мене про ікону Святої.

Із Божою поміччю Свята Матрона із цього часу буде у нашому храмі.

Нехай до кожного доторкнеться поміч від Святої Блаженної Матрони.

З братською у Христі любов`ю до вас всіх: Настоятель свято-Андріївського Храму


о. Василь



Life in the Parish. "We must not be like the sign post which points the way, yet does not move from where it stands"( Bishop George of Mayfield)

PLEASE NOTE: St. Apostle Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Congregation Membership Assessments for 2013 are now due.    We graciously thank you for your attention to this important matter and Christian responsibility!

How to behave in a Church: Until the end of Divine Service never, without real necessity, leave the Church for it is disrespectful to the sanctity of the Church and a sin before the God. If it happens with you (that you left earlier) tell about this during the confession to the priest.

Approach the Holy Communion humbly and reverently, having crossed hands on the chest; with faith and love take communion of Holy Mysteries, kiss the Chalice without crossing yourself in order not to push It unintentionally, and orderly go to your place, but do not leave the Church, without listening to the prayer of thanks to the Lord God after the communion.

Standing or sitting.

The traditional posture for prayer and worship in the Orthodox Church is to stand, as before the King. When you visit us you will find pews, so you are free to sit. However, it is appropriate to stand during the Gospel reading, the Little and Great Entrances, the distribution of Holy Communion, when the priest gives a blessing.

The Holy Bible

Where did the Bible come from?  Well, the books of the Old Testament were decided on many years before the time of Christ.  Christ himself read from the Old Testament when he proclaimed that He himself had come to bring liberty to the captives. (Isaiah 61:1).



Church Parking Repair


Announcement for all who read our BULLETIN.

You may post announcement about yourselves, send greetings, to your family, and friends, in our Bulletin, regarding various events during God's Yearly Calendar.

Prayer Before Travel.

Lord Jesus Christ my God, be my Companion, guide and protector during my journey. Keep me from all danger, misfortune and temptation. By Your divine power grant me a peaceful and successful journey and safe arrival. In You I place my hope and trust and You I praise, honor and glorify, together with Your Father and Holy Spirit now and forever and ever. Amen.



Welcome to Saint Andrew`s Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Our Parish welcomes You to join us in our worship for our Divine Liturgy today!

Divine Service, Holy Communion is offered to those who are Baptized, and are true believers of the Orthodox Faith.

Antidoron”, or Blessed Bread, is received by all who have attended Holy Liturgy.

TODAY after Holy Worship Services, You are invited for lunch, which, every Sunday is lovingly prepared by our Parish Sisters.

We welcome You back to our Church in our veneration of the Lord, and growing in the Orthodox Faith.


Greetings or Condolence. Through our Parish Bulletin you have an opportunity to express your feeling to those whom you wish to congratulate with a special event such as wedding, baptism, speedy recovery, or a special thank you. You just need to inform Father, (213) 250-4285 for which you will receive personal satisfaction.

Spiritual aphorisms.

A man is good only when his deeds are good. And his deeds are good when they are pleasing to God.

It is not enough to call oneself a swimmer, one must also know how to swim. One’s being a Christian is determined not only by confessing one’s Christianity, but also by bringing one’s life within the framework of a Christian way of life.

Life is good not when you are financially well-off, but when you live in accordance with the law of God.

If the return of unused talents to the Lord makes one deserving of punishment (Matt. 25:14), what will happen to those who have used up their talents for that which is not pleasing to the Lord? Have fear of exchanging God’s gift for vanity.

From the teachings of Elder Barsanuphius

It is possible to be saved anywhere; just don’t abandon the Savior. Latch onto Christ’s garment, and Christ will not abandon you. A sure sign of the deadening of the soul is avoidance of Church services. The first thing that happens to someone who has turned cold toward God is that he begins to avoid going to Church. At first he tries to come to the service later than before, and then he completely leaves off attending God’s church.






9:30am   - Confessions
10:00am - Divine Liturgy

Sunday Lunch

7:00pm   - Bible Study


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04 - Holy Trinity

12 - Peter & Paul

18 - Father's Day


Saint Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Los Angeles, CA.